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by Francesco Cirillo

Waaaaaah! Programming
"Waaaaaah!" Programming

Managing Software Development with Recombining Relational Production.

Your software can help you

We are used to looking at our software as a thing. Something over which to exert total control and impose our design decisions on.

What if we developed a relationship with our own software? What if we could “speak Product®”?

Such a paradigm shift helps us reach our goals with less effort.

RRP® is a new approach to Software Design

If you think of software as a thing, then you are used to thinking in terms of composition and decomposition, substitution and reuse. Surprisingly, those operations are the expression of command and control. In RRP®, Decombination® is the key to profitable and sustainable production. Decombination® looks for a smaller set of elements or "combinants" with a higher recombinable power: a mature relational software system allows you to obtain new value by simply recombining already existing combinants. Relational operations - like decombination® - can let your software design emerge and steadily increase the value delivered by reducing the cost of change.

RRP® Activities and Tools

What are the daily activities which a developer has to perform to apply RRP®? Which tools should you use to favour the relationship with your software system? How can you test if you're really improving your productivity through the relationship with your software system?

Francesco will show you how to apply RRP® to analyze your features and manage your project, and will introduce you to the use of Relational Agents and Activators to foster your relationship with your software. Simple metrics will be introduced to allow you to test whether using RRP® has led to real improvements.

  • To learn more, visit the Waaaaaah! Programming® website.
  • On Nov 22nd we’ll have our first Workshop on Waaaaaah! Programming® which is aimed at developers interested in applying RRP® to software development.