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by Francesco Cirillo


How to take effective decisions when faced with uncertainty.

Your product can help you

We all have experiences of how valuable human relationships are in solving complex problems. "Waaaaaah!®" An Introduction to Recombining Relational Production® (RRP®)" introduces how relationship can be applied to product development. "Waaaaaaah!®" shows you a different way of taking your next step when you have to develop a product and you feel uncertain about what to do: you can stop imposing your decisions on a "thing" and instead be open to developing a relationship with your "product in its process of becoming".

Yes, RRP® is going to show you how you can be in relationship with a "thing". This is the way you let your product help you to develop itself. And that’s why you have to learn to "speak Product".

How can relationship make product development more effective?

We are used to delivering new value by breaking tasks up into smaller tasks. And then if they are not simple enough, we break those smaller tasks up into even smaller tasks: this process of "decomposing" is typical when we apply control.

In a complex situation this leads to an increase in complexity and a lot of wasted effort. Relational Decombination® is the key to profitable and sustainable production because its aim is to look for elements or “combinants” which are more powerful and recombinable. Decombination® leads to a reduction in the number of combinants we need to grow our product and allows us to deliver new value in a more predictable and sustainable way. In a mature relational system we produce value by recombining already existing combinants.

Francesco Cirillo's innovative new book is a personal approach towards dealing with the uncertainty which often comes when developing products. Whether you're writing a book or developing a piece of software, how can you increase awareness of your own decision-making? This new book will show you how to take your next step.

  • To learn more, visit the "Waaaaaah!" website.
  • On Nov 21st we’ll have our first event on "Waaaaaah!®" which is aimed at everybody interested in knowing more about the general concepts of RRP®.

Francesco Cirillo has dedicated his life to helping others improve their productivity. An innovator in process-improvement, as well as an entrepreneur, developer and instructor, Francesco has trained thousands of people around the world.

To learn more, visit his personal website.